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Mount Sinai Services/Queens Hospital
Jamaica, NY, United States (on-site)
29 days ago
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Mount Sinai Services/Queens Hospital
Jamaica, New York, United States (on-site)
29 days ago


The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai affiliated with NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens is seeking for a full time Medical Dosimetrist.

The Medical Dosimetrist will work under the general supervision of the Chief and Regional Medical Physicists, and generates treatment plans for external beam therapy and brachytherapy patients. The dosimetrist is expected to remain current with technical developments, standards of practice, professional issues and changes in regulatory requirements.

-Works with technical staff during patient simulation, when required.

-Generates treatment plan as per physician’s prescription in consultation with physicist.

-Performs independent plan check using the established method of the department.

-Transfers approved plan data to the record and verify system and verify data consistency with the approved plan.

-Assists in setting up difficult treatment fields in the machine for the first treatment, when required.

-Performs weekly chart-check.

-Attends weekly chart-round.

-Assists preparation and loading of sealed sources for brachytherapy application.

-Assists in brachytherapy procedure.

-Assists planning and fabrication of blocks/cutouts, when needed.

-Performs measurements, when needed.

-Assists machine commissioning, acceptance testing, QA, etc.

-Assists data acquisition, data modeling and commissioning, etc.

-Prepares documentation, forms, etc.

-Follows patient’s confidentiality requirements.

-Maintains department quality assurance protocols.

-Maintains functionality of the planning system and peripherals.

-Completes required continued education and training.

-Provides emergency dosimetry coverage, when warranted.

-Follows departmental policies and procedures.


Minimum Education

Bachelor of Science in physical or biological sciences is desired.

Minimum Related Experience

Two years of experience in medical dosimetry is desired

Minimum Certification Requirements

Certification by the Medical Dosimetry (CMD) Board or eligibility for the board examination is preferred.

Job Information

  • Job ID: 67968577
  • Workplace Type: On-Site
  • Location:
    Jamaica, New York, United States
  • Company Name For Job: Mount Sinai Services/Queens Hospital
  • Position Title: Medical Dosimetrist
  • Job Function: Allied Health Professionals

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